How Procent works


You profit from purchases in bulk. Procent makes purchases on behalf of thousands of hospitality companies, allowing for economies of scale. We get a kick out of giving you direct advantages – you save money, as well as a lot of time and energy. Procent shoulders the entire workload and sets you up with the best possible deals.


Selecting suppliers and manufacturers profit too: they only need minimal effort to sell large volumes, thereby saving on all sorts of expenses, like administration, marketing, and sales. Larger volumes mean suppliers are willing to settle for much lower margins.


Procent offers an extension to the sales departments of suppliers and manufacturers. Part of our fee comes, for example, from the marketing budget, in exchange for gathering bulk orders. This way, we can help you save money at no charge. In other words:

a Win-Win-Win situation.

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How it works Three simple steps

We at Procent like to keep things as transparent and simple as possible.
Here are three steps to help you start saving money as soon as possible.

Cost analysis

We always come by in person to explain how Procent works. Together, we review your largest potential cost savings.

Price analysis

Together, we review your current rates and agreements, and perform a cost saving analysis.

Free participation

Participating in our cooperative is and will always remain free. You decide which options to pick up on at any given time – saving a lot of time, money, and energy.

Start saving straight away?