Why to choose Procent


Reinout Ezinga

"If you are looking for help in improving your purchasing rates, Procent can take a lot of work off your hands. Their personal approach and dedicated account managers are excellent pros."

Café Vrijdag, Weesper & IJver

Stuart Stretton

"The partnership is very good, even and especially if you are in a rush, for example during a business take-over. Everything was settled within a week."

Grand Café Restaurant Vitesse

John van Benten

"Collaborating with Procent offers a major advantage as they keep track of what is going on in the world of the hospitality industry, and actively responding to those developments."

Slangevegt & Wilhelminapark

Pim Evers

"Procent is a good hospitality partner. Wilco is always readily available. Their credit card rates are low, and they offer favourable energy savings and good insurance options.”

Hannekes Boom, Meneer Nieges & Cannibale Royale

Frank Toes

"Being a hospitality entrepreneur, cost cutting is an important way of staying ahead below the line. Procent helps me out so I do not have to keep track of saving money myself."

Restaurant Le Papillon – Elburg

Won Yip

"The Yip group also profits from the fast and efficient peace of mind offered by Procent. Sorting out utilities is a particularly time-saving possibility."

Majestic, Café Zwart, Euro Pub & SushiSamba
Seafoodbar familieportret

Pepijn de Visscher

"It is very nice having someone like Wilco put in their best efforts to manage certain purchasing prices. Procent provides an excellent service."

The Seafood Bar – Amsterdam

Shirley Man

"In addition to their reliability, Procent are quick and considerate. Wilco always provides top-notch service."

Dunkin’​ ​Donuts & Ice Bakery’s

Margreet Leguijt

"Our main reason for partnering with Procent is a cost reduction we would never be able to achieve ourselves."

De Pizzabakkers

Jason Berg

"Procent offers an excellent product: a reduction in time and money. They shoulder an important load and are always quick to respond."

Bar Botanique, Café Kuiper, Louie Louie – 3WO Horecagroep

Danny Knijff

"The first and foremost reason for partnering with Procent is to achieve a purchasing advantage. The second reason is that the more people sign up, the better the prices become."

Badhu & LE:EN

Hugo de Haan

"Cut back on time, time much better spent on your company! That is our most important reason for working with Procent."

Restaurant Haesje Claes

Waarom ProcentGratis inkoopvoordeel

Bij Procent vertegenwoordigen we vol overtuiging de inkoop belangen van meer dan 12000 toonaangevende spelers in de foodservicemarkt in Nederland en België, waaronder cateraars, restaurants & hotels. Dankzij ons gezamenlijke inkoopvolume én expertise zijn wij in staat besparingen te realiseren die individueel niet haalbaar zijn. Met ons uitgebreide netwerk van leveranciers en kennis van de markt kunnen wij onze klanten de best mogelijke deals bieden en zorgen wij dat we ten alle tijde een waardevolle partner zijn voor hun bedrijf. Dat volledig kosteloos!

Strong agreements with premium brand suppliers, manufacturers & wholesalers
850 partnering Hotels
The largest independent purchasing platform for the hospitality industry the Netherlands, Belgium & Germany
9.500 participating Restaurateurs
Entirely FREE of charge
20 Caterers from the Misset Top 100
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